Registrations for the 2019 edition are now OPEN (via our partner Sporkrono)


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When ?

The 2019 edition will take place on 31 August & 01 September.

Where ?

The start of the different races will take place in front of the Tourist Office (Office de Tourisme, Rue Général de Gaulle) in Kintzheim (67600, Bas-Rhin) --> see Map of Kintzheim.

How to get there ?

On the A35, take exit 17 and follow the signposts to Kintzheim.


Follow the Wine Road (Route des Vins, D35) and you will end up in Kintzheim.

Age Categories:

13Km: open to those born in 2001 or before.

25Km: open to those born in 1999 or before.

56Km: open to those born in 1999 or before.

109Km: open to those born in 1999 or before.

Bibs ?

Bibs will be available at the Salle des Fêtes in Kintzheim (67600, Bas-Rhin) --> see Map of Kintzheim.

Don't forget to bring with you your current valid license or a medical certificate dated less than a year old (you can download our template above).

For the 109Km: bibs will be available the day of the race from 4pm to 8pm.

Don't forget to bring with you the obligatory material for control !

For the 56Kmbibs will be available the day before from 4pm to 6pm, and on the day of the race from 5.30am.
For the 25Km and 13Km: bibs will be available the day before from 4pm to 6pm, and on the day of the race from 6am.

Registrations ?

Registrations are made via the platform of our partner sporkrono

Please note that it will not be possible to register on the day of the event.

Contact Us ?

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Plastic Cups on Food Stations:

Please note that as of 2019 there will be NO MORE PLASTIC CUPS available on any of the food stations.

Each participant is supposed to have their own cup with them.

For the 2019 edition only, the organisers will offer a free reusable cup to the participants of the 13Km and the 25Km

ULTRA THK 109Km - 4850mD+

Start: 31 August 2019 at 9pm

Assistance: we can not accept any assistance bags before the race, but we do authorise personal assistance in the following authorised zones (food stations) only: Refuge Vosges Trotters (Km 45.5), Reichenberg Castle (Km 89) and Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle (Km 98.8).

THK 56Km Intersport Sélestat Grand Trail - 2040mD+

Start: 01 September 2019 at 7am

THK 25Km Trail Haut-Koenigsbourg® - 880mD+

Start: 01 September 2019 at 8am

THK 13Km Mini Trail Hahnenberg - 350mD+

Start: 01 September 2019 at 9am


The hotel Best Western Les Humanistes in Sélestat, situated only 1.7km from the start line of the THK races, offers a 10% discount to participants in one of the THK events upon presentation of the e-mail confirming your registration, or by showing them your bib. Please contact them directly by phone to take advantage of the offer.

Click on their logo above for more information.

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